Pandemic: Beyond the Swine Flu

After surviving the swine flu, mankind thought it was safe. But then scientists created you. You are a new, sentient virus, and humans are out to destroy you. So... you have to kill them first! In order to do that, you must spread throughout the globe, infecting the entire human race. Be aware that parts of the world are more isolated, so you must find a way to break through the humans' defenses and infect everyone. From the main screen, click Go to advance one day. You'll get mutation points as you spread, so you can change your mode of infection using the virus edit screen. Be aware that you'll need to exit the virus edit mode before advancing, or else you won't receive mutation points. (And yes, you can actually win this game. See if you can beat my high score of 5,417.) Once you win, try the sequel -- Pandemic 2: Extinction of Mankind!

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Game provided by CrazyMonkeyGames

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