Endless War 3: Play All Sides

In this ultraviolent war game, you get to destroy Iraqi insurgents, mutants, demons, and more, with a wide variety of weapons. Blast demons with your shotgun, take out a Japanese gunner with your grenade, toast an insurgent with your flamethrower... and watch the body parts scatter! It's just part of the fun in this uberviolent war game. You can even command your troops to attack the enemy. Oh, and you get to choose which side you want to play on... alien, human, demon, etc.
Controls: Mouse=aim/fire; ASDW=move; Q=squad attack; space=alt. attack;
1-4=toggle weapons; R=reload; G=drop gun and pick up another

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Game provided by ArcadeTown

Tags: Shooting, War, Favorite
Age: 14 and Up (violence)

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