1945: WWII Air Assault!

Guide your 1945 plane through the enemy horde in this classic arcade-style shooter game. Pick up various 1945-era power-ups such as machine guns, gatlin guns, a tail gunner and more along the way to enhance the fun! Be careful not to shoot the World War II power-ups; too many hits will destroy them. Tip: don't worry too much about destroying all the World War II enemies. Just try to stay alive; the points will take care of themselves.

Arrow keys control your direction, and the Ctrl key fires.
Press "Enter" to start game (you may need to click the main game area first). High-Score board is not available in this version of the 1945 game.

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Game used by permission of Pok-Ching Lee

Tags: Flying, Shooting, Airplane, War, Quick
Age: 10+

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